The Foundry

Government Information
  • Type
    • Communist Corporate State
  • Technology Level
    • 10 with 11 for indutrial technology and materials
  • Systems
  • Race(s)

With the destruction to their world and it’s infrastructure durign the Civil War Era, the Newt looked inward. They redeveloped their world and built up their industries even more than ever before. However recently they have looked to offer their construction abilities to outside groups, offering vehicles, armor, and weapons of a variety of types to the galaxy at large.


It is debateable if the Foundry is a communist state or a corporate controlled one. It is a single enterprise that is the equivalent of a nation and a nation that is the equivalent of a corporation. It sees to the needs of all it’s people and employees them as best they can serve the state/corporation both. Most Newt don’t see an issue with their government.


The Foundry does maintain a security force which uses custom designs they do not sell to customers. Though as they sell a wide range of League Era equipment they also have access to those as well. This includes access to cruisers and even battleships which are stored in their orbital shipyards until sold, though making use of these ships can be difficult. Ironically they don’t care about the other two habitable worlds in the system and did not mind the two hypercorps coming in and setting up on them, after being ‘compensated’ for it.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

The Foundry

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