The Hidden

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The Hidden is not a government per se, though it does technically control the planet of Von. Instead it is an organization created by the Vomuk millenia ago with the intent to subvert all other life in the galaxy to their will and to hide their existence from others. This has not always gone quite as planned and while their homeworld remains unknown some of them have been spotted when out on missions.


No one is quite sure how they are organized, but they seem to have a fixed hierarchy of command. It could be a military style structure, but to little is known to say.


The Vomuk that are part of the Hidden use only one type of vessel a kind of cloaked long range shuttle. No one knows how many they have, but once in a rare while one will be found (and usually destroyed) as the Hidden perform some act of assassination or sabotage.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups

No one knows who designed or who builds the Cloak Ships of the Hidden.

The Hidden

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