The Reformation

The reformation was once known as the Church of the Maker during the League Era. This would change due to the Civil War when different groups were separated from each other. The only one to remain is the zealous and militaristic Reformation.


Originally the faith of the Maker existed in many different societies in the Distant History Era. Each was slightly different, but the main points remained the same. When contact between space faring civilizations began those with a belief in the maker slowly gathered together to analyze their beliefs. By the time of the League the beliefs had been largely harmonized and a singular ‘Faith of the Maker’.

During the League Era it played second fiddle to the Cathar faith, though still had a large number of worshipers. It also had a bunch of cults spread around, most of these were sects that felt the Ancients, Precursors, Progenitors, or the Darkness were in fact the ‘Makers’. The cults found a small amount of evidence that the four previous powers had something to do with how life evolved on dozens of worlds. The one thing the cults did emphasize was that human-like and humanoid races had similar origins. This would eventually scatter through the ranks and anyone not human-like would be refused training as a cleric.

The Civil War changed everything. the only effectively intact branch of the faith of the Maker to come out of it was a group known as the Reformation. The were zealous, militaristic, and had a rigid hierarchy. These traits would serve them well in staying intact until space travel had become common enough again. However in the Modern Era the reformation has a goal and that goal is to bring their faith into primacy. They would even go so far as to eliminate their rivals if need be, though they haven’t done so yet. A crusade on their part is slowly forming and they are gathering ships for their own use.

Even without a crusade they have spread into the Balmesh Dominion, the The Syndicate, and the Galactic Commonwealth as well as many smaller governments.


The core belief of the reformation is in a divine being generally referred to as the ‘Maker’. Presumably this being made all life that came after it. This is the core thing that all the different faiths of the Maker believed as well.


The faith of the maker has a rigid formal hierarchy of it’s faithful. Most people are laymen, but even these are ranked if they give service. Above them are those with ‘formal training’ and who have gone to a monastery to learn the proper ways. Anyone of the trained cleric ranks can give public services and even a highly ranked layman can give service in private to others ranked below him.

With the advent of space travel what had previously been a requirement fro s physical building for worship became a building or a spacecraft. However the size and type of ship is supposed to be ‘proper’ for the rank of those offering these services.

The church is gathering both combat vessels and freighters to their cause. They are certainly the only religion that is not also a government to posses a full military cruiser.

Religious Ranks

In order from lowest to highest.

Laymen Clerics
Acolyte Vicar
Novice Priest
Brother Abbot
Monk Prelate
Deacon Senior Prelate
Prior Bishop
Senior Prior Vice Bishop
Master Prior Archbishop

The Reformation

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