The Syndicate

Government Information

The Syndicate was formed by a small collection of hypercorps who realized one day that every man, woman, or even child within the current government was directly indebted to them. Children couldn’t be born or vaccinated in childhood without them and their hospitals. Parents and single adults worked for them, rented apartments through them, and had all their needs provided by them. So they did away with the former democratic government which they had dominated anyways for generations and simply divided up the former administrators between themselves. They had already been responsible for the services the government had provided, so very little changed. In fact many average people thought it might be a good thing by getting rid of taxes.

Only ‘competing’ with each other the handful of hypercorps developed the resources in their system between themselves and then staked claims in nearby systems. Exploiting the resources outside their own system and expanding their influence. This lead to an early conflicts with the CULA and Haazran Pact. Both of these ended when the hypercorp responsible for exploring the disputed systems decided it was unprofitable to continue fighting just to exploit the systems resources.

They are one of the most advanced governments in the known galaxy however, with strong expertise in robotics and military technologies rivaling any other government or group. They make heavy use of robotics in warfare from planetary combat robots, to unmanned drone fighters, and even entire star ships run by computer controls. A goal of the hypercorps is to do away with humans in military conflict and rely completely on robots directed by their corporate masters.


A Handful of hypercorps collectively compose the government of the Syndicate and everyone within their domain works for one of them or is some sort of agent for an outside power (such as foreign merchants or mercenaries). People are contracted at birth (for the required natal and post natal medical services as well as their future education) to work for a company. The company then trains them and analyzes them to find what their best role within the company may be. They then live within their role in the company for the rest of their life until they retire (if they ever manage to pay off their debt). About 5% of the population at any one time manages to pay off their debt to the company, but their internal media makes it seem more common then it is. This keeps them relatively content over their lifetime.


The Syndicate makes all the standard designs of TL 10 and 11, however most are exported to other smaller powers with good profit margins. Most of their forces are automated and in fact their fleets consist heavily of drones and the Fenris Class Battleships. Their ground troops consist entirely of a variety of combat robot designs that can be deployed along with human commanders.

On their other hand, the Syndicate has a massive security division that uses patrol ships and shuttles as well as sizable amounts of armed guards. These are not considered military forces though. Instead security has the ability to call on the conventional military robots and forces as needed.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Aerospace Groups

The Syndicate

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