Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Denzart, volcanic
  • Krater, desert
    • Tivalla
    • Setarz
  • Shirdikai Asteroid Belt
  • Tridar, Gas Giant

Government(s) within the System

  • Ancient Mining Collective
  • Xyvichu Queen Xec’vifa

Race(s) within the System

A small temperate band exists near the equator of Krater, the only habitable planet, along with all the planets water. It also has a huge axial tilt and the seasons in the desert regions outside the temperate zone go from summers hot enough to cook exposed flesh to cold enough to freeze almost anything organic. It was originally settled as a mining colony and it was during the Civil War Era they were cut off from home and a lost Xyvichu queen settled here. The queens ship crashed, though the queen survived leaving them to setup a colony here. It is only in the last 80 years anyone noticed them both here and the two races do not get along.


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