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The Disciples of Twilight are a psionic order based on Dyseth, a tidal locked moon that was located in the shadows of an Gas Giant in the Outer Rim system of Kif’re. A woman now known only as “Twilight,” who was rumored to have been a former Esper Knight, and other psionic colonists founded the Disciples of Twilight there.


People seeking to break away from the League founded a colony on the shadowed moon Dyseth long before the Civil War Era. The chose the shadowed moon over the two equally habitable, if not more so, planets because it was better hidden. Shortly after the moon was colonized, a woman known as “Twilight,” who was rumored to have been a former Knight, used her psionic abilities to rally other psionic colonists in an attempt to adapt to the semi-darkness of Dyseth. They became defenders and protectors of Dyseth’s citizens, although the group had no political or military influence.

After five hundred years of peaceful existence, a League team of surveyors located Dyseth after exploring Fif’re and Kif’ra the systems two main habitable planets. Most of the Dyseth natives rejoined the League, albeit reluctantly, and started a new life as merchants and traders and settled the other planets in the system. Meanwhile the Disciples began to spread to neighboring systems, but the people they met did not understand their motives and why they remained apart from the Esper Knights. However the Disciples were concerned with protecting the weak sentients from the misdeeds and injustices of the strong.

During the Civil War, the Disciples of Twilight refused to choose a side, preferring to simply help the common people. However, there were rumors from within the organization itself that the group was about to choose a side when the end came. Two fleets, one League and one Empire, arrived in Kif’re savaged the planet of the same name from orbit during their fight, repeated the process on Kif’ra, and finally destroyed each other in orbit over Dyseth raining debris on the planet. No one is sure if they survived or not.


After the individual known as “Twilight” formed the Disciples of Twilight, the members of the group sought to combine their efforts so they could adapt to Dyseth’s semi-dark environment. They eventually sought to defend the people of Dyseth as well from outside threats like pirates and internal threats like dangerous wildlife or criminals.

The group believed in “shadowy justice”; when the tradition’s members spread across the galaxy after Dyseth’s discovery by the League, they sought to protect weaker sentients from the cruelty of the strong. While the Disciples of Twilight consisted primarily of Dyseth natives, anyone who was psionic and agreed with the Disciples’ beliefs was welcome to join. They only had a single training facility however on Dyseth, so all training was done there.

Common Traits

The psionic adepts who were members of the Disciples of Twilight focused primarily on the use of their powers to bend light. After Dyseth was located by the League, the members of the tradition that moved throughout the galaxy found that they were capable of using their powers to a greater extent, since most worlds were brighter than their own. The Disciples of Twilight shared powers comparable to the White Current, who also possessed the ability of bending light.

However, the group’s members used other powers that were unheard of anywhere else in the galaxy. Members used their powers to manipulate both light and darkness; the Disciples were capable of bending light so that they could render themselves invisible. They used their powers to gain low-light vision and to locate enemies that concealed themselves. The adepts could also utilize their powers to create illusory phantoms to hound their enemies.


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