Government Information

The Twix have lived in the twinsuns binary star system as long as anyone recalls. The civil war period destroyed most of the industrial ability on the planet and reduced them to a much more primitive level. Some regions still haven’t recovered even now. Others have advanced considerably. The most advanced can fairly easily move between stars.


Twinsuns is a scattered group of differing types of governments held together by a formal alliance. Each group is governed in a different style, some groups are anarchies, others are democracies, and yet more are monarchies. What they have in common is a desire to keep their system safe and profitable. However not all groups in the alliance are equal, the less populated regions are TL 9, while the most advanced are TL 10.


Each alliance member maintains it’s own forces and what they have available varies considerably. Most at least have access to aerospace fighters and personal fighters are very common, especially for those who consider themselves ‘warriors’. The most well equipped have a few corvettes and frigates, but their main stay is the carrier. They even have their own custom carrier design in use by many different advanced groups within the alliance, however they own very few of these carriers in total.

Military Forces
Military and Civilian Design Groups


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