Twinsuns System

Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Twuni, ‘Temperate’

Government(s) within the System

Race(s) within the System

Twinsuns is a binary star system and this makes life interesting here to say the least. Only one world Twuni is capable of conventional living, as it is just far enough away to avoid being roasted when both suns are closest in orbit to the world, while not being to far away that it freezes. As is ‘summers’ are extremely warm averaging as much as 70C in certain regions. However during winter it can get to -40C in the same regions. Those regions are plains during spring and fall, and deserts in summer and winter as neither extreme heat or cold is conductive to plant life. The northern hemisphere is warmer then the southern due to it being the closest to the twin suns during the planets movements, but the southern hemisphere is only slightly less extreme. Most Twix live in the more ‘temperate’ equatorial zone where it is relatively warm all year around.

Twinsuns System

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