Warden of the sky2

The Wardens are a psionic tradition that operated throughout the galaxy, keeping the space lanes safe, that dates back to before the League Era.


During the time before the formation of the League of Systems, the first attempt at a multi-species enterprise was the Hyperspace Navigators Guild. They were given responsibility for monitoring the space lanes and making sure people could travel safely, however rivals sabotaged their efforts and they became discredited. A psionic hyperspace explorer who had worked for HNG began to patrol the space lanes in their place trying to stop anyone who made intergalactic travel difficult for ordinary people. Eventually, this psionic found and trained other psionics and they became the first Wardens.

They did not seek attention and stayed fairly unnoticed as the League and the Esper Knights formed. They continued doing what they did and often they were mistaken for Esper Knights when they needed to take action. This anonymity helped them to work unnoticed. Over time the Wardens came to be regarded as tall tales or myths told in bars by tired space pilots.

Even with the beginning of the Dark Ages and the lack of FTL travel in the known galaxy the occasional rumor of a loan ship or fighter was told and attributed to the Wardens. When FTL travel began again so did ever more tales of Wardens defending the spacelanes from threats and to assist travelers in danger.


The Wardens believed that it was their responsibility to use their knowledge of space and psionics to make space lanes safe for everyone to travel on. They believed that everyone had a right to be able to travel in space and that it didn’t belong to any one group. So would do such things as fight off pirates and raiders or help non dangerous smugglers evade capture.

They had no central organization and each Warden operated alone, patrolling space lanes and watching out for travelers who needed help. From time to time Wardens would encounter other untrained psionic travelers and if the Warden believed they had potential, would approach such psionics and offer to take them as an apprentice. After completing training as an apprentice, the student would leave to patrol the space lanes themselves.

The Wardens used subtle methods and would never reveal their true allegiance. They only acted in overt ways if it was truly necessary and would walk among the crowds of the galaxy’s spaceports, where they blended in. They appeared to be just ordinary space travelers and indeed many Wardens were. It was commonplace for Wardens to work on starships, as pilots or navigators, as this gave them opportunities to patrol a section of space while appearing just to be an ordinary crew member.

Common Traits

Believing that firing blasters on board starships was dangerous, the Wardens were masters of unarmed combat. They developed a unique fighting style that involved a combination of Force techniques and martial arts.

Wardens could possess any kind of psionic powers, though ergokinesis, ESP, probability alteration, psychic healing, and teleportation where commonly associated with them.


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