White Current

The Adepts of the White Current is a religious order devoted to the ‘White Current’, the spirit linking all life together. It is mostly an all-female group and have hardly ever taught men their teachings. With the White Current on their side they could do amazing things with mental illusions and many possessed a unique ability known only to those of the White Current. However most lacked ability with manipulating the physical world such as abilities like Telekinesis. They taught that authority was an illusion and that everyone should serve only their own desires.


This is an ancient order whose first real home was in the Lucazi system until the civil war, when the Empire descended on them trying to enslave or destroy them completely. This caused them to flee, scattering around the galaxy.

Before then they had been founded during the Distant History Era and attempted to escape persecution on their original homeowrld. Lucazi was their escape from governments who had tried to leash or chain them and saw them as dangerous. They were never really prolific even during the League era and would remain on Lucazi until the Civil War.


Unlike other psionic traditions, they have no desire to physically affect their surroundings; instead desiring to focus solely on the mind, spirit and body, and how these three entities formed a single individual. Their studies and explorations eventually gave way to the discovery that these three aspects flowed and formed eddies and whorls of psionic energy, which they named the White Current.

The White Current, they quickly found, was an aspect created by the mind, body, and spirit. Manipulation and immersion within the current allowed for extreme manipulation of these three aspects. It also allowed for little to no manipulation of aspects outside of these areas. Because of this, Adepts of the white current where capable of manipulating powers and abilities that directly pertained to the mind and how the current interacted with the body and spirit, but had no control over physical manifestations such as Telekinesis.

Practitioners of the White Current also gained the ability to sense the white current around them, which allowed them to sense sentient beings by the ripples they made in the Current, this power allowed them to detect the presence of cloaked or invisible sentient beings – through prionics or technology – as well as their approximate numbers.

Common Traits

The majority of those who follow the White Current have ESP, Ergokinesis: Photokinesis, and Telepathy.

Followers of the White Current may possess an unusual ability called Psionic Immersion. It relies on Ergokinesis, Photokinesis, and Telepathy to allow a skilled user to immerse themselves in the ‘White Current’, rendering themselves undetectable by any means: organic, artificial, psionic, or otherwise. Only careful scrutiny could pierce the Immersion technique, and even then the weak-minded would remain oblivious to their presence, unless the white current follower interacted with the beings in question. Masters of Psionic Immersion where capable of immersing others outside of themselves, another person, or even objects into the Current.

White Current

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