Wyvern is a winged ‘reptilian’ (in appearance, they are warm blooded) creature with wings and two legs as well as a barbed tail. They are said to be related to Osmolskae, while being more developed for wings and more primitive in their lack of feathers, they are also somewhat larger. They are considered the most distant of dragonkin, being little more than primitive animals and not nearly so mighty as any sort of true dragon.


Wyverns live in Mountains. However they hunt in the Grasslands, Steppes or Prairies, and Swamplands near their mountain homes.


Wyvern are carnivores. The type of meat matters very little to them, they even eat deceased animals.

Wyvern are solitary creatures usually only meeting up to mate.


A version of the Wyvern exists along coasts as well, which is functionally identical varying only in preferring to hunt in Seas and Oceans and lives in Coastal regions.

Sea wyvern


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