Xomuxtik Imperium

Government Information
  • Type
    • Psiocracy Empire
  • Technology Level
    • 10, 11 in biotech and cybernetics
  • KS Rating
    • Type II
  • Systems
    • Unknown
  • Race(s)

Very little is known of the Xomuxtik themselves, with few people every directly seeing one. However many people have encountered their biomechanical ships along their borders. Most of the information on them comes from ‘subject populations’ found on planets bordering their space.

They Xomuxtik where mentioned by a survey crew report in the League era, but never had a large impact on anyone during that time. The report basically listed that they were an odd race found on the edge of known space that seemed to use primitive biotechnology rather than more conventional tech. This early contact is the only one known until the last couple decades when their territory seems to have entered the known galaxy.


Almost nothing is known about their government, however from what little information that does exist they seem to be led by strong psionic talents. With all known commanders having psionic ability. This applies more to large groups and not smaller groups such as Corvette crews.


No one knows how they organize their military, only that they have one. They also know it includes ships that use some form of biotechnology integrating cybernetic systems. Only four vessels have ever been identified: A heavy fighter, a heavy corvette or oversized gunship, a small carrier, and a fleet carrier. Their gunships in particular have proved nasty in ‘accidental’ engagements that have occurred when their actions are taken as being hostile (Such as launching flights of fighters when ships encounter each other in neutral territory). It is likely their gunship could easily top any frigate in current service.

Military Forces

Military Force numbers and types are based on estimates, no hard numbers are available.

Military and Civilian Design Groups

Not enough is known of the Xomuxtik to guess at any sort of design groups and no shipyards have ever been reported.

Xomuxtik Imperium

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