Retalhador 114865


The Xyvichu have always been highly territorial and had considerable problems allowing others into their systems during the League Era. Most took a stance of providing a ‘trading port’ to allow goods to be transferred between their territory and the outside systems and excluding visitors from going elsewhere within their space. Individual Hive Queens hold a certain amount of territory to themselves and most hives cooperate with others of their own kind into the larger whole. They suffered during the civil war as others did with whole hives being slaughtered, but their nature makes them highly resilient and in the end they closed their borders without loosing everything they had built. However they did stop expanding outward for several hundred years before once again resuming their outward push to the stars.


The Xyvichu are an insectoid race with the universal ability to fly in normal gravity. They also have a psionic hivemind linking each individual into the greater whole. Their bodies are covered in an exoskeleton providing armored protection (DR). Those of the warrior caste also have backwards curving horns (strikers) and and arm that acts as a blade (a cutting striker). All Xyvichu have clawed hands.

Tech Level
  • 10


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