Zenishur Sorcerers

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The Zenishur Sorcerers are a largely reclusive, ancient secretive order of psionic ‘mages’. The Sorcerers were highly skilled in deception, illusions, and were rumored to be shapeshifters. They rarely ventured off Zenashur in the Zena system, and were often said to be driven mad by their explorations of psionic power.


The Sorcerers were founded on the planet Zenashur by a group of banished priests after they acquired the technology and lore within some ancient ruins before the founding of the League. This society is spoken of in whispers throughout much of the galaxy and combined science, ontology, and ‘magic’. They were convinced by their interactions with ancient relics that all sentients are psionic, the Sorcerers proclaimed the omnipresence of psionic energy (“the Unity”) that illuminated the deception of dualities and multiplicity.

Few know if they still exist, the Zena system is currently ‘lost’ with no one knowing where it is. However rumors abound of Sorcerers appearing from time to time on known worlds.


The belief that all sentients are psionic is the core of their philosophy. From this belief is their concept of “the Unity” the encompassing field connecting all sentient life. To this belief they ascribe considerable levels of mysticism and ritual.

Common Traits

The Sorcerers are known for their uncommon abilities of biokinesis, psychometabolism, and dream control. They also commonly have access to Teleportation, ergokinesis, and psychic vamprism. However unlike many other traditions they lack weapon skills and rarely wear armor.

Zenishur Sorcerers

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