The Zeshan were a tradition of psionic-adepts known for their survival skills and resourcefulness, as well as their abilities in telekinesis and with a discblade. They developed their psionic powers as a means of withstanding harsh colony planets. The Zeshan stressed independence and survival, as well as assistance to those in need.


The Zeshan originate from colonists of harsh new worlds where life was difficult during the League era. The original people to form the Zeshan had been abandoned on their new colony world due to their original colony ship having a massive drive failure after it had dropped the colonists off, everyone had assumed the ship had never arrived on the planet at all and interest in a new colony trip never happened. Without renewed supplies from home hundreds of colonists died in the first few years.

The colonists eventually eked out a subsistence living from the trying conditions of the colony world. Psionic abilities of many of the colonists contributed significantly to their survival and they prospered more than those lacking such abilities. A few centuries after arriving, the planet was rediscovered by traders and a small spaceport and outpost were established, although the organization and planet remained in relative obscurity. They did establish relations with traders however, which gave them some knowledge of galactic affairs during their separation.

Some members left the colony world to visit their homeworlds and journeyed through the galaxy as they did so. When Zeshan left they often did so incognito and would do that even more so when the Civil War began. Zeshan in the galaxy rarely stayed in one place, instead they traveled the spacelanes in search of those in need. However many also went on new colony missions to help colonists on new harsh worlds like the one that had formed them.

The original colony world that was home to this tradition may have survived the civil war, but no one knows for sure or even what it’s name was. The traveling Zeshan were often left stuck on worlds that became isolated by the end of Civil War and the beginning of the Dark Ages. These Zeshan would often help the survivors on the worlds they found themselves on and many rebuilt their traditions on these worlds. Their communal and generous helpful attitudes have won them grudging respect from the communities they made their homes.


Zeshan believe in independence and self-reliance. After their early perceived betrayal by the League, the adherents of this tradition had no desire to be beholden to anyone. This mindset allowed them to not only endure their inhospitable colony world, but prosper and become self-sufficient. Taking care of one’s family was a central tenet and was reflected in their use of psionic powers. To them, psionic powers were a means primarily to defend themselves and their family but also to aid others who could not defend themselves. As such, they were also known to be generous and aiding others was considered honorable and noble by them.

The Zeshan did not have a strict organization to their tradition, though the ranks of initiate and warrior did exist. Children born to psionic parents would be trained at home in an informal manner. For psionics born to non-psionic parents, an experienced psionic adult would train the child as a mentor, though the child remained at home to grow up as normal. In fact, the Zeshan adamantly opposed the idea of separating psionic children from their parents. Preferring children have a normal family upbringing to foster a sense of community.

Those seduced by evil concepts seldom arouse from their ranks due to their sense of community and independence. Nevertheless, pride that sometimes arose out of an overly independent mindset led to several members of the order falling prey to their darker impulses throughout the traditions history. These aberrants, would be hunted down or turned back to prevent them from spreading their influence in the community.

Common Traits

As a psionic tradition the Zeshan specialize in psychokinetic abilities, though many of their order had ESP, Probability Alteration, or Teleportation. They are able to perform great feats of skill with minimal effort, ranging from levitating objects to knocking over enemies or even crushing them with their psionic power. Zeshan warriors were largely known as the guardians of the community and their powers in telekinesis and mastery of a unique weapon called a discblade garnered them considerable influence. Some even possessed the power to use telekinesis for defense, using rocks and other loose objects to block energy beams, or even using their powers to create a physical shield. This was described as the Zeshan wrapping energy around his or her body to resist damage.

though many psionic traditions tend to favor a variety of blades as weapons, the Zeshan favored the discblade, a razor-edged throwing weapon. Trained in its use from a young age, they could hurl a discblade with great accuracy before calling it back to their hand. Experienced warriors were also known to have their discblades imbued with psionic power. Their use of the discblade could also be further enhanced through the powers, whether by adding accuracy, calling the weapon back to the thrower, or imbuing the blade to make it stronger.


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