Planets (& other astronimcal artifacts) within the System

  • Tantalus 1, Volcanic
  • Tantalus 2, Volcanic
  • Tantalus 3, Rocky
  • Tantalus Prime, temperate
  • Tantalus 5, rocky
  • Inner System Asteroid Belt
  • Tantalus 6, Gas Giant
  • Tantalus 7, Gas Giant
  • Outer System Asteroid Belt
  • Tantalus 8, Gas Giant
  • Tantalus 9, Icy
  • Tantalus 10, Icy
  • Tantalus 11, Icy

Government(s) within the System

Race(s) within the System

Tantalus Prime is the only world worth mentioning, and then only barely. It’s a desert world with some good mining potential, but the sandy soil makes it hard to get to these resources. While theoretically the Desert Coalition runs the show on Tantalus Prime, but this world is an anarchy where the only real law is whoever has the bigger guns. Several criminals have bases here, private companies won the only space ports and even the Crimson Hand has a port here which they don’t even bother to hide. Slavery exists here and really it’s only tourist draw are the desert races, some of which are very prestigious.


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