Technology Levels

Kardashev Scale (KS Rating)

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize. The scale has five designated categories called Type I, II, III, IV, and V. A Type I civilization uses all available resources impinging on its home planet, Type II harnesses all the energy of its star, Type III of its galaxy, Type IV beings who can control or use the entire universe, and Type V that control collections of universes.

  • Type 0
    A Type 0 civilization extracts its energy, information, raw-materials from crude organic-based sources.
  • Type I
    A Type I civilization is capable of orbital spaceflight and colonization, medical and technological singularity, planetary engineering, trade and defense, and stellar system-scale influence.
  • Type II
    A Type II civilization is capable of interplanetary spaceflight, interplanetary communication, stellar engineering, and star cluster-scale influence.
  • Type III
    A Type III civilization is capable of interstellar travel, interstellar communication, galactic engineering and galaxy-scale influence.
  • Type IV
    A Type IV civilization is capable of intergalactic travel, intergalactic communication, and universal-scale influence.
  • Type V
    Such hypothetical civilizations have either transcended their universe of origin or arose within a multiverse or other higher-order membrane of existence, and are capable of universe-scale manipulation of individual discrete universes from an external frame of reference. In fiction, their artifacts or endowed abilities find their way into the hands of relatively juvenile civilizations, such as humanity.
Technology Level

Where as the Kardashev scale measures development by means of broad energy production and civilization influence area, Technology level is slightly more fine grained and describes the technologies available to a civilization. That said the two are usually related with a civilization expanding based on what sorts of technologies it has access to.

  • Type I (Tech levels 8-10)
    Type I civilizations on the scale can explore their own solar system and possibly begin to explore other systems if they have access to FTL. Almost all planetary and single system governments fall in this category.
  • Type II (Tech levels 10-12)
    Type II civilizations on the scale can explore the nearby galaxy and this accounts for most of the Modern Era’s multi-system governments.
  • Type III (Tech levels 12-15)
    Type III civilizations on the scale can explore the galaxy they exist within given a bit of time and effort and produce stunning constructions. The League of Systems was a burgeoning Type III civilization.
  • Type IV (Tech level 15-18)
    Type IV civilizations on the scale
  • Type V (Tech levels 18-20)
    Type V civilizations on the scale

Technology Levels

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