Genetic Upgrades

Upgrades are individuals who have undergone eugenic gengineering at conception, with the goal of removing undesirable genetic traits and adding desirable ones. Upgraded people are still capable of interbreeding with baselines, so do not form distinct para-species. Bioroids may also be built using these templates, but they will not be capable of reproduction. Most human-like or humanoid races all make use of similar templates, some near humans may already follow these templates.

  • Alpha (GURPS Biotech, page 67)
  • Heavy Worlder (GURPS Biotech, page 67)
  • Ishtar (GURPS Biotech, page 67)
  • Light Worlder (GURPS Biotech, page 68)
  • Orion (GURPS Biotech, page 68)
  • Drylander (GURPS Biotech, page 71)
  • Selkie (GURPS Biotech, page 72)
  • Spacer (GURPS Biotech, page 72)
  • Camazotz (GURPS Biotech, page 72)

Many genetically engineered slave species exist to suit the needs of other people, though not all societies accept their use.

  • Eros Triton (GURPS Biotech, page 73)
  • Februus Triton (GURPS Biotech, page 74)
  • Tek-Rat Triton (GURPS Biotech, page 75)

Genetic Upgrades

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