Beam Weapons

Beam weapons are typically considered ‘military’ if they cause damage and compared to projectile weapons they cost a bit more (and lower lower availability).

  • Lasers
    • Dazzlers
    • High Energy Laser
    • Electrolasers
  • Microwave Weapons
    • MAD
    • Microwave Disruptor
  • Neural Weapons
    • Neural Disruptors
  • Particle Accelerator
    • Charged Particle Beams
  • Sonic Weapons
    • Sonic Stunners
  • Plasma Weapons
    • Flamers
    • Plasma Guns
  • Gravity Weapons
    • Force Beams
Fluid Projectors

Fluid Projectors make poor conventional weapons, but are great assassination tools.

  • Sprays
  • Vortex Ring Projectors
Guns and Launchers

Projectiles are relatively cheap and effective, making them common in the galaxy even if they are being outpaced by energy weapons.

  • Conventional and ETC Guns
    • Conventional Small Arms
  • Gas-Powered Air Guns
  • Electromagnetic Guns
  • Grav Guns
  • Gyrocs
  • Rockets and Missiles
Warheads and Ammo
  • Conventional
  • Nuclear and Antimatter
  • Energy
Biochemical and Naotech
  • Gases and Clouds
  • Foams and Liquids
  • Poisons
  • Metabolic Nanoweapons
Melee and Thrown
  • Physical Weapons
  • Energy Weapons
Weapons by Manufacturer


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